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Privacy policy

(Version 1 after 02/01/2014. If you disagree with any of the items below, please don’t use our web sites.)

Who we are

Flights to allowing you to search for airline tickets, hotel rooms:

What information we collect about you

Please be advised that we don’t knowingly collect any information about minors; however, if we find out that certain records belong to minors, we’ll go at great lengths to remove that information from our database ASAP. This section only describes our policies towards your data; you buy travel products from other companies operating other web sites, hence they may have slightly different rules.

Web site

  • We may install our own cookie (a small file) in your browser. This cookie allows us to determine:
    • Whether it’s your first visit or not, and
    • Whether you visited our site directly or via a link or search form published by one of our partners.
    • Your search history: origin, destination and travel dates.
  • We are using the Google Analytics tracking system. It may install cookies in your browser according to Google’s privacy policy.

Email list

  • You may choose to subscribe to our mailing list to receive alerts about cheap prices; we’ll need your valid email address for this purpose. You can unsubscribe at any time and you won’t receive any emails from us. Unless it’s something super-serious that affects your rights as a consumer or informs you of something genuinely requiring your attention, we’ll never send you any other emails.

Social networks

  • If you “LIKE”/”SHARE”/”+1” us (or perform a similar action) in social networks, we may obtain your first and last name. However, we’re not using this information for any purpose (honestly) and choose to ignore it.

Your profile

  • You may decide to get to know our cheap fares and hotel rooms search engine a bit closer and register for an account in our system. This will allow us to personalise your search results and collect information about your purchases in order to reward you for your repeated business with us. We are not giving this information to anyone and have strict access controls within our organization to ensure your data is treated as confidential (which it is).

What information we disclose about you

  • None that has any chance of identifying you, unless we are legally obliged (i.e. by court order or law enforcement agencies) to do so. Even then we will only be able to disclose the information explicitly outlined in the previous section.
  • To elaborate on the previous paragraph, we create lots of reports out of the data that has all identifiable bits stripped out (for instance, to calculate ticket sales volume we only need the list of ticket prices and not names of the buyers).

What information we DON’T collect about you

Personally identifiable information

  • We don’t need and hence don’t collect any of the following information about you: your name, age, email address (unless you subscribed to our email list or created an account on our web site), phone number, passport details, home address, etc.
  • Most information in our systems is anonymized, which means that even we can’t match specific records to specific individuals, unless they signed up for an account. In this case, we treat this information with utmost respect and care.

Order and payment information

  • Because you pay to an airline, hotel or travel agency directly, we have no visibility of your order information, including, but not limited to: specific ticket bought, price paid, credit card number, etc.

Under the hood (plain talk about serious stuff)

  • As of the time of this writing, your data resides in the European Union, but we reserve the right to move it outside the EU (probably in the US). The decision to do so is only determined by the technical convenience and the speed of access to the data in order to ensure our site operates the fastest it can.
  • You can use our site without cookies if you are concerned about privacy. If you want to be able to login into your account, you’ll need to have cookies enabled.
  • We use a number of approaches to ensure your data is secure: access controls, firewalls, one-the-fly encryption, SSL [Secure Sockets Layer] for data transfer (if you’re logged in).

Closing Comments

This document is constantly evolving to reflect our latest developments. We reserve the right to change it at any time.